Irish designer Aisling Duffy: "Creating work that is sustainable is really important to me" 1 month ago

Irish designer Aisling Duffy: "Creating work that is sustainable is really important to me"

We caught up with the designer to chat inspiration, subcultures and sustainable fashion.

If you've set foot into the beloved Irish design store Om Diva in recent years, then it's likely that you've happened upon the work of Aisling Duffy.


The Irish designer's one-of-a-kind babydoll dresses, collars and patchwork garments line the shelves of the shop, and the super unique designs are a hit with fashion-lovers.

Aisling describes her design aesthetic as "playful, light, feminine silhouettes that I mix or contrast with themes that explore different types of subculture".

Her teenage years spent at various music concerts have proven to be a big influence on her work today.

"Music has always informed my sense of style and I think that's still reflected in my work," she tells Her.


"Growing up, I would go to shows where loads of bands play, and I would be really interested in how people dress. Being a teenager, I was interested in emo and alternative music, and how you dress was an important part of that. I think just kind of drinking all that in and seeing all of that surrounding me kind of informed my work."

As well as capturing various subcultures through her designs, Aisling's approach to fashion is equally informed by her ethics, and sustainability plays a big role here.


"Creating work that is sustainable is really important to me," she says. "There are different brands that have shown it can be done."

She points to designers she looks up to, particularly Marrine Serre and Chopova Lowena, who are making serious moves in the sustainable fashion movement. Serre, for instance, creates new denim from old denim and Chopova Lowena also upcycle materials.


Aisling says: "I look to the sustainable movement as a whole. I find it very inspiring."

Another influence on Aisling's work is textiles themselves, and she often uses them as a starting point for design, and this is particularly true of her upcoming collection.

"When I start work on a new collection, I look at the fabrics that I've collected recently and put them together," she explains. "When I was in my granny's over the summer I found a lot of vintage tablecloths and beach towels and I decided I really want to work with towelling fabric and see what I could create using it."

Aisling Duffy's latest collection launches at Om Diva this month.