Aldi is now selling matching Christmas jumpers for you and your dog 1 month ago

Aldi is now selling matching Christmas jumpers for you and your dog

All I want for Christmas is to match with my dog!

This year you can not only match your family but you can also match your furry bffs too. Just think of the Christmas pictures under the tree.


I'm sure you could fit your cat into one too if you're feline inclined.

Aldi has just launched a new line of Christmas jumpers for you, your pet, and the whole family, really.

The new line of Christmas jumpers will land in stores next Tuesday, and we have a feeling they'll be snapped up very quickly so if you want that perfect picture under the Christmas tree then you will want to get there early.

The prices are also very reasonable ranging from €6.87 to €12.77. Just think of Christmas Day - walks in the crisp weather with a coffee in your hand, a jumper on and your furry jumper twin walking beside you... on a lead.

Some jumpers have regular stye Christmas jumpers with the usual designs on the front, some have festive slogans or you could go all out boujie and get a jumper that has LED lights.


They also have some jumpers that play music - sign me up!

But the new range of Christmas clothes doesn't end there, Aldi is also releasing a festive range of PJs for the whole family. Although they don't have the dog outfits included in this one.

The PJs will be on sale on Tuesday December 8, and they have two designs available for the whole family, Team Rudolph and Ready for Christmas.

The mens and women PJs are available for €11.79 and the kids PJs are just €5.99. Sizes are available from 12/18 months right up to 9/10 years.


All these festive outfits go on sale on Tuesday December 8, so if you want to match your dog or get some PJs for the fam then you know what to do.