ASOS is selling moob tubes and we all know someone who'd wear one 3 years ago

ASOS is selling moob tubes and we all know someone who'd wear one

Anyone who was a teenage girl in the early 2000s will know the hell that was wearing a boob tube.

Would your strapless bra slide down? Would you end up with an unflattering uniboob across your chest? Would your mum even let you go out in something with the word boob in it?


The struggle was endless - and now someone thinks it'd be a good idea for men to have to go through it too.

ASOS is selling these bandeau tops by the brand Reclaimed Vintage for €20.47.

It describes the boob tube as "slim fit" and "cut close to the chest".


"Team with jeans and you're good to go," it says in the product description, like a frenemy giving you bad advice because they want to see you fail.

The top is definitely out there, but we reckon lads who live in wife-beaters will only be dying to show off their bodies in one of these.

The moob tube has caused a bit of a furore on Twitter after one user shared a photo of it alongside an image of an "extreme" cropped top, also for men.




ASOS has been revelling in the attention, joking that the crop top and boob tube make up a "fashion jigsaw".

It's also been retweeting news stories about the items, so it looks like the brand has gotten exactly what it wanted from the moob tube.