ASOS is selling a denim waistband for €25... and we have no words 5 years ago

ASOS is selling a denim waistband for €25... and we have no words

What in the actual...

We just said we have no words for this denim waistband, but we lied. We do. Because what crazy person would buy a denim waistband from ASOS for €25 when you could easily just whip out a pair of scissors and make one for free.


The website has described it as "your outfit's plus one" and "for an unfinished finish," but... it doesn't even look good.

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Imagine walking into the pub with a denim waistband around your hips. Your mates will think you have lost the plot.

Scandi brand Weekday has come up with this 'accessory', and while we usually love the brand's clothing, this one is nearly as bad as the infamous bum rip jeans.


Remember them?

Take a glance in your own wardrobe, your mate's wardrobe, and your pushing-100 granny's wardrobe and you'll more than likely pull out of a pair of distressed black skinnies with the knees ripped out and a seam or two looking a bit worse for wear.

This isn't normal wear-and-tear however - this is fashion, and we've come to know and love it.


That being said, there comes a time when the distressed jean becomes distressed in ways that we never thought possible...