Autumn snuggles: these €10 flamingo slippers have arrived in Penneys 3 years ago

Autumn snuggles: these €10 flamingo slippers have arrived in Penneys

We were legit about to wave bye-bye to the recent wave of unicorns... when Penneys threw us a curveball.

Yup, the nation's favourite affordable retailer has already released €10 slippers fashioned in the likeness of the mythical equine, and thus we're right back in love with the trend.

But wait - there's more: while the unicorn version is undeniably gorge, there is an alternative that we're even more enamoured with.

Step forward the pink flamingos. Also priced at €10, they're perfect for those looking for something a little different.

Instagram is going ga-ga for them... and as an added bonus they're not available in the UK (which makes us feel a little smug, tbh).

Furthermore, we suspect those unicorns probably won't stay snowy white for too long (especially if you're prone to popping out to the bins in your jim-jams).

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Though they do have gorgeously colourful manes and tails, a gold horn, and a cheeky smile to boot, we have to say we particularly adore the flamingos' soft exterior, black beaks, and oh-so cute pink wings.

But regardless of whether you end up opting for horse or bird, the timing of their release really couldn't be better; autumn is now officially here and the evenings have been getting that little bit shorter and that little bit cooler.

Which means the likes hats, scarfs, coats, and boots are making a reappearance - while evenings are perfect for fires, pajamas... and certainly slippers.