This Beauty and the Beast jewellery range is very pretty 4 years ago

This Beauty and the Beast jewellery range is very pretty

Which is your favourite?

With the live action version of the film approaching, we're incredibly hyped.


However, we still have over a month to go before Beauty and the Beast hits cinemas on March 17th.

Until then we'll be watching the exciting trailers, listening to the stunning Ariana Grande and John Legend song, and now we'll probably be buying some jewellery too.

Truffle Shuffle has released official Disney merchandise based on the classic 18th century fairytale.

This includes some dainty jewellery as well as some statement pieces, all of which are perfect for Belle fans.

Here are some of our favourites...



The stunning enchanted rose dome necklace even has 'until the last petal falls' written on the base.

Some others that stuck out to us are these below, but you can check out the full collection on their site.


Prices range from about €25 to €85 so there's really something for everyone. Having said that, they're selling out pretty quickly so if you're looking for something special grab it while you can on the website.


''We're SO excited for the star-studded new Beauty and the Beast film next year too! Our magical Beauty and the Beast T-Shirts are a fabulous way to celebrate the animated classic - or be charmed by our bejewelled pieces from cult luxury brand Disney couture. As enchanting as the tale itself,'' the company said.