Bling Up Your Workout! These Are Sparkles With A Difference... 8 years ago

Bling Up Your Workout! These Are Sparkles With A Difference...

This new activity tracker is one with a difference as the stylish Swarovski Shine is also the latest must-have jewellery item. 

However, not only is it a statement piece, the device, which was dreamed up by both Swarovski and Misfit, works very hard too.


It measures how many steps you've taken, the amount of calories you are burning, the distance you're covering and how well you're sleeping.

Practical, stylish and oh so shiny...

Activity trackers can seem a little complicated but this one is easy to use and can be synced with the Misfit smartphone app so that you can easily see what your daily activity levels are like.

The device can be paired with official Swarovski bracelets, watch bands, and pendants depending on your taste.

This is great news if you're a bit of a magpie, we're already working out how we can justify a New Year splurge.


Swarovski and Misfit are also planning to launch a solar-powered purple design, this particular tracker uses "energy crystal" technology which stores up energy so you won't ever have to recharge it... A-MAZ-ING.

Although there isn't an official Irish release date as of yet, the Shine will be available to buy in China, the US and Hong Kong from late March.

We're saving up already!

The Swarovski Shine is priced at $69.99 (€59) or you can buy a set for $169.99 (€142) which includes the device and two accessories.


Images via Swarovski