Boris Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Symonds's stunning €138 dress sells out within hours 7 months ago

Boris Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Symonds's stunning €138 dress sells out within hours

Could Carrie Symonds be the next Kate Middleton?

It may sound like a stretch but hear us out.

One of the first things that marked the duchess out as a fashion icon when she became a part of the royal family was her ability to make anything she wore sell out.

The navy wrap dress by Issa that she wore when she and William announced their engagement in 2010, her first official public appearance as part of The Firm, flew off shelves almost instantly. It was the start of a pattern that has continued ever since.

Whether it was a Zara dress or a high-end coat, the 'Kate effect' was credited with driving trends and clothes sales; making her as much a style influencer as a future queen.

Now it looks like Carrie Symonds, girlfriend of new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, could be poised to have a similar effect on fashion.

Like Kate, Carrie isn't a 'celebrity' in the strictest sense - she'll have a public profile because of her relationship. But also like Kate, it looks like she knows how to dress and like she could be super influential.

As Boris officially took on his new role yesterday, Carrie stepped out in an 80s-inspired pink and red floral number by Ghost.

The look is straight out of the Kate playbook - tailored and demure but achingly stylish and striking without being desperate for attention. Like the duchess has so often done, Carrie's aim was to quietly make a statement and she pulled it off with ease.

The gúna, priced at €138, sold out in all sizes before the end of the day. It's early days but we're predicting that this could be the start of a new style star in ascent.