Brendan Courtney shows off the dress he designed when he was only 8 11 months ago

Brendan Courtney shows off the dress he designed when he was only 8

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And it's completely fab!

It's hard to not feel nostalgic when we look back on our childhood doodles. Yes, they might not have been the most artistic or even the most lifelike but they will still always remind us of that time in our lives.

Which is why we were absolutely blown away when we saw the outstanding dress Brendan Courtney designed for his mother when he was only eight years old. Yes folks, eight!

There's no denying that Brendan is an absolute style guru today but it seems like his creative flare was with him from the very beginning.

Brendan showed off the lovely frock at our recent Comfort Swap Shop event on the 12th April at The Morrison. The event was a roaring success and while we heard lots of tales of clothing nostalgia on the night Brendan's really stuck out.

There's just something so lovely about the fact that he still has the dress today and he's even been kind enough to lend it to a few famous faces including Panti Bliss.

You can watch Brendan talking about the dress below.


It really puts the DIY Barbie dresses we made when we were eight to shame.

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