A bride is suing the Say Yes to the Dress shop for wedding dress disaster 5 years ago

A bride is suing the Say Yes to the Dress shop for wedding dress disaster


Say Yes to the DressĀ is one of the best guilty pleasures on TV, you can sit back and pretend you're an expert on bridal gowns while pretending that one day you'll afford a 10 thousand euro dress.


After the tears and tantrums, once the bride finds her dream dress and says the magic words it seems like a magical place to be.

But off camera one Bride is not happy with her custom-made gown that she intended to wear on her wedding day.

The newlywed is suing Kleinfled forĀ $12,000.

TMZ reports that Randi Siegel-Friedman filed the lawsuit because the store refused to give her a refund for the dress.


She claims the dress did not fit her properly, with the skirt and bodice both not fitting correctly. She also adds that the bottom of the dress was not the fabric she picked.

As it was too close to her wedding to make amendments to the dress, Randi had to wear one off the rack despite having spent 12k on her dream dress.

Randi Siegel-Friedman on her wedding day with her bridal party. Via Facebook/Randi Siegel.

When she brought it back in they refused to issue her a refund which is why she is now suing them for the cost of the dress.

This is not the first time the bridal store has come under fire, as last march they were also sued by a bride who was angry that they had aired the episode she featured in before her wedding. This meant that all her guests had already seen the gown.