You can get Courtney Smith's FIERCE head-to-toe Penneys look for just €54 3 years ago

You can get Courtney Smith's FIERCE head-to-toe Penneys look for just €54

Those trousers!

I've spoken about my style crush (and just regular crush) on Courtney Smith before. Yep, if there is one lady who I would like to dress like/be it's this one.


Her Instagram is a constant source of #StyleInspo for me and many others, constantly reimagining how clothes should be worn and creating her own unique look.

And her latest outfit snap is no different. Posing like an absolute boss on an unnamed Dublin side street, Courtney shared a look at today's ensemble on Instagram and it's all from Penneys.

Yep, every single item came in one of those glorious brown paper bags and we love her for it.

And it's clear that Courtney has been inundated with questions about the look as she shared some information about the pieces on her Instagram stories a short while later.

Revealing the prices of each of the items, the total outfit cost came to just €54 and here's how that broke down.


The leopard print hat Courtney wore cost just €6, the white classic shirt which she bought in a size 14 was just €9, the classic court heels were just €11, the astronomy-inspired bag was priced €12 and those KILLER tartan trousers were an absolute steal at €16.

Courtney also told followers that she picked the trousers up in a size 12 rather than her usual size 10 to embrace that more slouchy look.

Yep, this look is an absolute winner and with a total price tag of a little over €50, we think it's a total steal too.