You can buy Crocs with bumbags attached and our eyes are officially bleeding 2 years ago

You can buy Crocs with bumbags attached and our eyes are officially bleeding

Upsetting on a number of levels.

Ever found that the shoes you had on were super comfy but lacked crucial storage space?


Crocs now has you covered.

Yes, filling a niche that we didn't know existed with a product that no-one asks for are the new Beams x Crocs.

The shoes are the result of a collaboration between the plastic shoe brand and Japanese clothing line Beams.

As Footwear News reports, they come in two colourways; teal with a violet bumbag and the opposite; violet with a teal bumbag.


The pouches, in fairness to them, look big enough to carry a few bits like maybe some cash, a key or maybe a tiny snack.

Still, as ugly as they are, there is a market for Crocs and so we wouldn't be too surprised to see these take off with fans of the shoe.


If the bumbag doesn't do it for the average Crocs aficionado, a visor might. The Beams x Crocs collab also includes a black pair of the shoes adorned with visors on the front.

The best part of the whole collection, though, has to be these festival-inspired ones with beaded fringing.

Like, just look.



They're just what your hippie friend's mum would wear around the house as she makes you herbal tea and listens to your problems, and really there's nothing more wholesome than that.

Sadly for anyone looking to buy the collab, they're only available in Japan. Shoppers there can pick up a pair for the equivalent of $53 (around €37).