You can now get a bodysuit akin to the Borat mankini, if that's your thing 6 months ago

You can now get a bodysuit akin to the Borat mankini, if that's your thing

Sorry, now.

There's an abundance of issues that come with the humble bodysuit.


They fit well, but they're so tight. They look great up top, but downstairs is a mess.

They're functional, right up to the point where you're trying to use a public bathroom after a few glasses of wine and find yourself slumped over, hands in your knickers, manically trying to get the bloody thing open.

It's a pain that only women will know, and yet we soldier on. We persevere, in the name of fashion. We actively make ourselves uncomfortable, just so our top stays tucked into our pants. It's a tough gig, but someone's got to do it.

Considering all of the above, one would presume that the bodysuit was as difficult to manoeuvre as it could ever possibly be.

And yet, online retailer Shein has only gone and produced a bodysuit that is so obscenely high cut, so deeply uncomfortable, so impossible to wear that it can only be actively described as a a Borat bodysuit.

Like, who is this for? Why is it so high cut?


Are we expected to believe that this wouldn't immediately get painfully lodged inside our bodies?

The product is described as a "black, rib knit, long sleeve bodysuit," when in reality, it should be described as a "bright green mankini that Sacha Baron Cohen dons while appearing as Borat."

See? You see.

Shein shared the product in question on their Facebook page and, unsurprisingly, users were all but baffled by the bodysuit.


Yeah, some said that they'd like to wear it on a night out in 2022, but the vast majority of people were, naturally, confused by its general existence.

Sure look, worse things have happened in the world, we guess.