You can now get heated leggings to keep out the cold this winter 6 months ago

You can now get heated leggings to keep out the cold this winter

We'll take 134 pairs.

No matter what, we're always left freezing. Even when we're wrapped in what feels like endless layers, it sometimes isn't enough.


While you can buy thermal clothing, sometimes you need a little bit more - and now you can get it.

USB heated leggings are just that; the latest invention when it comes to clothing might just be the best yet with rechargeable heated leggings to keep you warm no matter where you go.

These cotton leggings come with three padded heating areas, one around your abdomen and waist, one at each knee, and one at each shin.


Each pad's temperature is adjustable, with the lowest being 45 degrees and the hottest at 65 degrees, only taking 30 seconds to heat up.

The leggings are powered by a 5V/2A USB cord and batteries for the leggings are sold separately.

Not only are these great for keeping the cold out, they are also ideal for blood circulation, relieving menstruation discomfort, promoting metabolism, and easing muscle pain.

But you might be thinking, how do you wash these? It's easy, all you need to do is remove the charger and pop them in the washing machine.


Hand washing is recommended to avoided breaking any of the cables but a light machine wash is also fine.

The electric heated leggings are currently available to buy on Amazon for £39.99, or €47, and it's probably a good idea to put a portable charger in your basket while you're there so you never get stuck without the warmth for too long.