Cassie Stokes' unmissable new show, Curated With Cassie, will be live on YouTube this Monday! 5 months ago

Cassie Stokes' unmissable new show, Curated With Cassie, will be live on YouTube this Monday!

Join me on my big new adventure!

I am so excited to finally be able to talk about the new series I've been working on, Curated With Cassie. Little but of a pinch me moment to have my name in the title – but also I don't want to sound like I'm full of myself, so let's call it CWC.

CWC is a weekly series that follows me around Ireland exploring, eating and educating myself on some of our country's hidden gems and most interesting activities. The areas I'll be covering include culture, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and every week I will curate the best of the bunch for you to enjoy!

Think Nationwide meets Instagram. Think Mary Kennedy but less glam. Think sushi making in Cork, axe throwing in Dublin – and pizza in almost every episode!

You'll be able to see the show every Monday on Her's YouTube channel, so be sure to like and subscribe so that you never miss an episode.

The CWC team have been hard at work travelling around the country filming here and there to show you a different side to Ireland. Did you know that Ireland has a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in Cork? No? Well, I went there and I made sushi that was out of this world.

In the first episode of CWC – which goes live on Monday, February 3 – I meet Sarah O'Dea, the lady behind Ireland's only bespoke lamp shop, whose clients include top restaurants and hotels here in Ireland as well as some billionaires who own yachts and need the perfect lampshades for them. What's a yacht without a lampshade, am I right?!

In the second episode, I chat to two ladies who moved back here from London and set up an online flower shop that's a hipster dream. And one of my absolute favourite days was when myself and a few friends went axe throwing in Dublin. I never knew this was a thing!

Make sure to tune in so that you can see how I handle a lethal weapon. I'm no Xena warrior princess, but I'm Cassie who can – it turns out – throw an axe not too shabbily.

It's been an absolute pleasure working on Curated With Cassie, and I'm going to continue travelling all over Ireland to curate the best things to see, do, try and buy.

Tune in on YouTube every Monday, and share the things that you'd like to see me try out using #CuratedWithCassie.