Chanel's new bag looks like something your granny might own 3 years ago

Chanel's new bag looks like something your granny might own

Raise your hand if you’re the proud owner of a Michael Kors tote.

We’re suckers for a trend here at Her Towers, and nothing gets us more excited than a new ‘It’ bag.

A good handbag is the ultimate style investment because of its cost-per-wear value (and because you don’t have to diet for a week before debuting it).

Chanel recently unveiled its newest bag, the first to be added to the brand’s classic collection since the ‘Boy’ bag hit shelves in 2011.

Meet the ‘Gabrielle’.


Named after the brand’s founder, this baby screams Chanel with its monochromatic colours and classic on-brand quilted fabric.

It first appeared on the Chanel Spring/Summer 2017 catwalk last autumn and has just been launched in a campaign starring Kristen Stewart.

Now this might be blasphemy in the world of high fashion, but is it just us or does the bag look ever-so-slightly grannyish? Anyone else imagine finding a rolled up tissue and a bag of Werther’s Original in it? Maybe a squished copy of the RTÉ Guide?

If you disagree and would love to get your hands on the new mála, you’d better start saving - it’ll set you back $3,000 (around €2,813) for the most basic style, with prices for more elaborate versions heading into five figures.