We'll all be dying to paint our homes aqua-green in 2021, apparently 2 years ago

We'll all be dying to paint our homes aqua-green in 2021, apparently

2020 – the year where most of us spent more time inside the four walls of our house than we have ever done before.

And where hardware stores could barely keep paint in stock once they started doing home-deliveries.


It seems the lockdown made us all feel like our homes needed a bit of a facelift – and in fairness, all that time spent sheltering in place no doubt gave us the actual time to do something about it.

However, if you for some reason didn't yet get around to painting your home, but have it on the to-do list for the next few months (sure we're heading into winter now – lots more time to spend inside and get the job done), you might be interested to know which colour the experts are predicting will be the trendiest one for 2021?

Say hello to 'Al Aqua' – the hue predicted to dominate the next year – and for many different reasons.


Aqua green/blue is predicted to be dominating 2021 according to trend forecasters WGSN.

Trend forecasters such as WGSN work 24 months ahead, with teams of experts combining social science and instinct to predict trends well before they hit stores. It’s like a crystal ball but for colours and for 2021, it’s glowing blue — specifically, a post-internet shade of blue dubbed “A.I. Aqua."

The political climate, technology, climate issues and were all listed as reasons why this shade will become seriously sought after come next year.


"Going forward, technology is only going to become a more integral part of our lives," WGSN's head of colour Jane Monnington Boddy told architecture website Dezeen. "The digital world will become faster, more efficient, and in turn, we will become even more connected and aligned."

When selecting AI Aqua as the trend colour for 2021, the WGSN team looked in particular at the arrival of 5G, which is being rolled out to devices right now, and is set to be widely available by 2021.

"The things that were previously out of reach for many will now become possible, causing everything to change," Monnington Boddy explained.


Another reason this blue/green shade is due to become so popular, the trend forecasters explained, is that bright colours bring a sense of positivity and optimism, something they reckon consumers globally crave right now, in the current climate.

Sounds about right, we think.