A comprehensive list of Zendaya's most stunning red carpet looks this year 9 months ago

A comprehensive list of Zendaya's most stunning red carpet looks this year

Zendaya, she's just, wow.

Zendaya on an ordinary day is one thing, but Zendaya on the red carpet is a whole different ball game.


Zendaya is the queen of the red carpet, each and every look she pulls off, she does it with class and elegance, and just the right amount of complete hotness.

And with the 2021 Met Gala happening this Monday, we're overly excited to see what type of look she's about to pull off, and with the theme being "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," she could really surprise us.

As it's only a matter of days away, we thought we'd take a look back on Zendaya's red carpet style throughout this year and show off her best looks (spoiler alert, it's all of them.)

Starting with her look for the "Dune" photocall At Le Grand Rex last week in Paris, she blew everyone away with this two piece ensemble.


The colour couldn't have complimented her skin tone more, it hugged her figure in the most elegant way and the fluff at the bottom? We need more of this from her, not to mention her hair making her look like a real bombshell.

Next, we have her nude look from the Venice International Film Festival earlier this month, and let's just take a moment for this dress.


High slits are always going to work in Zendaya's favour, but this nude colour and the subtle ruching made it look as if she had been literally sculpted, her stylist needs everyone to buy her a drink for this one.

The BET awards, Zendaya made our hearts skip a beat with this ode to Beyonce's Crazy In Love. We might not know for sure if this is what she was going for, but either way, she looked incredible while doing it.

The purple would've worked on its own, but adding in the pink and green details really made this dress shine, and it speaks for itself which is why we love the subtle slicked-back hair and minimal accessories.


We all knew this would make an appearance, the yellow Oscars gown. This was the dress that put all other dresses in existence to shame. Maybe not that dramatically, but Zendaya really pulled it off with this.

Strutting down the pink carpet, it was a riskier choice for the Academy Awards but had everyone talking about her, we couldn't take our eyes off her. And going for long waves and a chunky statement necklace, she owned the carpet this night.

Nearing the end (there hasn't been near enough red carpets this year), the Critics Choice Awards was another time she simply stole the show.


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With braids in her hair and a delightful pop of colour, this gown was made for Zendaya to wear. She looks like a modern-day Disney princess in this piece, it just makes us want to wear it immediately and do a big twirl.

Last but certainly not least, we were blessed with her outfit for the Space Jam premiere. Obviously, this she could go a little bit more casual and we're so happy she did.

The colourful two-piece screams summer and the patchwork on this makes her shine like the star she is. We've never seen something like this on a red carpet before, and we're going to need a two-piece like this in our wardrobes asap, and the shoes too.