The cosy M&S jumper that we're going to be living in all weekend 9 months ago

The cosy M&S jumper that we're going to be living in all weekend

The weather has been very cold out there lately.

So we have been bundling ourselves up in just about every warm, cosy knit we can find - or searching for new ones to add to our wardrobe.

After all, you can never have enough cosy jumpers, can you?

Enter this super-comfy looking jumper from M&S, which we are going to be absolutely living in this weekend.

The textured v neck jumper from Per Una, which costs €54, features a classic rib knit design and a roomy, relaxed fit.

It's one of those pieces that is perfect for the cold-in-the-morning, but-roasting-by-lunchtime days - or, simply, when it is just really, really, really cold out.

And we reckon it would go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe - from throwing it on over jeans and a t-shirt to bringing your favourite summer dress into the cooler weeks.

It is honestly just ticking so many boxes for us - and we're definitely going to be snapping it up this weekend.

And the retailer have become the latest store to realise a dupe of THAT gorgeous Chloé jacket.

Finding a designer dupe is one of our favourite things. While we love shopping and finding gems, we much prefer being able to eat and pay rent instead of cashing out on really expensive jackets.

However, this Chloé jacket is definitely one of the most popular of the season, and since its release it has been duped by H&M... and now Marks & Spencer.

The designer blurred wool jacket costs around €1,800, however you can get your hands on a similar one in M&S for €95, which is definitely a better price.

This one is a little bit longer than the Chloé jacket but we think it looks just as fab. If you want to check out the M&S version, you can check it out here. For the H&M version, go to this website.