Handbags inspired by crocs exist and PLEASE make it stop already 2 years ago

Handbags inspired by crocs exist and PLEASE make it stop already

When will it end, I hear you ask?

Recently, we enlightened you all to the fact that Crocs with bum bags exist.


Yes, filling a niche that we didn't know existed with a product that no-one asks for are the Beams x Crocs.

The shoes are the result of a collaboration between the plastic shoe brand and Japanese clothing line Beams.

As Footwear News reported, the shoes come in two colour-ways; teal with a violet bumbag and the opposite; violet with a teal bumbag.

We were pretty horrified, we can't lie.


Then, we learned of bridal Crocs.

Princess Pumps is an Esty seller that adds a hint of sparkle to ordinary shoes, such as Crocs.

croc handbags

It sells handmade designs online, as a comfortable alternative to heels.


Anyway, if you're interested (we won't ask!), the Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Crocs Clogs Classics will set you back €92.56.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but then we discovered further croc horror.

Introducing: Croc handbags.

The bag comes from an Amazon retailer called Optari and costs around €20, depending on the size.


The bags also come in six shades: black, blue, Caribbean, green, pink and purple.

Described by the seller as a "durable handbag, comfortable lightweight girl’s or mom purse beach bag,” the bag looks like it would make the perfect companion for someone who truly loves Crocs. Whoever you are.

It's not being called the crocs handbag, because it isn't actually affiliated with the brand directly.

However, the similarities are too much to ignore.