This adorable €3 crop top from Penneys comes in three gorgeous colours 4 years ago

This adorable €3 crop top from Penneys comes in three gorgeous colours

How cute?

Ladies, where would we be without Penneys?


Broke probably. And possibly naked. We can't even think about it tbh.

Especially now that Topshop is pulling out of Ireland - we need it more than ever.

And in fairness to them, they just keep knocking the style stakes out of the park, with stunning bits being released every week.

And we want them all - not even exaggerating.


So, while scrolling through the Penneys Instagram on this Thursday afternoon, we stumbled upon something that we need for the next few months.

Assuming we get the weather we're praying for.

Say hello to the most adorable little crop top ever, that has us dreaming of summer nights and warmer weather.


The top comes in a khaki green colour, a barbie pink and a burnt orangey-red shade.

On instagram earlier, Penneys posted a snap of the three little tops, and captioned it:

"So comfy, you might even forget to take them off before bed. Prices from €3."


And as always, fans and followers of the brand were quick to comment, sharing the love for these bargain tops.

"These are what I need for holidays!" wrote one follower.

Another said: "Okay, I'm buying all three of these babies."

And in fairness, at just €3 a pop - you'd be well able to buy all three without any buyer guilt.

These tops are available in Penneys stores across Ireland, and they're also available in Portugal, Spain and France.


Penneys - we love you!