Declutter your wardrobe: 5 tips from the experts on maximising your space 6 months ago

Declutter your wardrobe: 5 tips from the experts on maximising your space

Hands up if you have a floordrobe?

It can be a daunting task to say goodbye to items of clothing. Nostalgia, laziness, Netflix, it can all get in the way of that ultimate dream wardrobe, but the gloves must come off (and get thrown out) eventually. Although decluttering takes commitment and dedication, we all know it's ultimately a worthy task to maximise your space and achieve a simplified wardrobe, and let's face it, a simplified life!


If you're like me and struggle to part ways with clothes or simply don't know where to start - we've just the thing. Gemma and Charlotte, also known as The Style Sisters, are a sister-styling duo specialising in detox, organising and re-styling your home and wardrobe. They're driven by style and function and with over fifteen years of experience in the fashion and interior industry, they know exactly what they're talking about.

We caught up with the sisters recently to talk through their top tips on decluttering your wardrobe; from dedicating an entire day to the project, to having someone be brutally honest with what looks good on you.

These tips are invaluable and will guide you in your quest to clear up the floordrobe for good. Check them out by clicking the link below to listen.


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