Dream job alert! Victoria Beckham is on the hunt for a personal assistant 4 years ago

Dream job alert! Victoria Beckham is on the hunt for a personal assistant

Know a thing or two about fashion?

Got exceptional organisational skills and the ability to keep things super confidential?


WELL then, do we have the job for you... Victoria Beckham is hiring a new personal assistant for her London based fashion brand, VB.

Posting the job application this month, the successful candidate will be based in South West London and will oversee things like credit card bills and expenses as well as business dealings such as "ensuring non-disclosure agreements are signed by third parties".


The job requirement also clearly states that the chosen candidate must be able to keep private dealings under wraps stating that "discretion" is essential. The desired candidate should also be aware that they will be taking on heavy workloads and of course, experience as an assistant or in a similar role to a high fashion brand is highly sought-after.

With Victoria's company loosing a staggering £8.5 million in 2017, it is expected that there will be a lot of pressure on the team to make sure that 2018 doesn't follow suit. So if you think this job will be an easy ride, we can bet you will be quickly mistaken.


However, on saying that, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn alongside one of the world's biggest fashion players plus endless connection opportunities and the chance to travel (since VB has a store in Hong Kong too).

Interested? Sure you are. You can check out all the deets here.