This €14 cult product is on Victoria Beckham's 'can't live without it' list 2 years ago

This €14 cult product is on Victoria Beckham's 'can't live without it' list

She has access to the best and most expensive products in the entire beauty industry.

But when it comes to keeping the skin on her entire body soft and silky, Victoria Beckham relies on this bargain cult product – which you can pick up from your nearest health food store for around €14.

The stylish mum-of-four recenty shared her entire beauty routine with beauty website Into the Gloss, and what we are most intrigues by, is the product she actually goes as far as calling her "body secret."

Weleda Skin Food.


"What I love about it is that it's not particuarly expensive and you can find it anywhere," the fashion designer explains. "The formula is so thick and buttery. When I have a tan, I'll mix it with coconut oil—the same you use to cook with—and cover my entire body with it. I suppose some people may not like the greasiness, but it helps me hold on to the colour. And by the time I leave the house, I feel as if it's really sunk in. Like my skin's had a good drink. I go through so many of these... I wish they had bigger ones."

And Victoria is not the only celebrity obsessedwith this organic cult buy.

Formulated with calendula, chamomile, pansy, and sweet almond oil, this all-natural cream is perfect for boosting your skin's moisture levels, and has gained quite the following, with celebrities like Julia Roberts, Rhianna and Adele all said to be huge fans. Heck, even makeup artists often use it as a face cream or mask on their clients.

According to InStyle, Roberts in particular loves how it works as a hand cream. "I put it on my hands after I wash the dishes, and wind up putting it on my elbows and feet," she previously explained. "Before you know it, I've squeezed this poor little green tube into a twist."

Personally, we love how you can apply this uber-rich cream anywhere your skin feels a little dry – or, like Beckham, slather your entire body in the stuff. We love it for dry hands and chapped lips, or even feet and heels that feel dry. Our best trick? To use it as an intense moisture mask when onboard an airplane. Just pay it on in a thin layer all over your face, and wash off after landing. Even better? The formula is so mild you can use it on your children too.