The adorable €14 Penneys playsuit perfect for the beach or the office 3 years ago

The adorable €14 Penneys playsuit perfect for the beach or the office

So cute.

If you're planning on heading to the beach this weekend, maybe don't because it doesn't actually look that nice out.


Or do, whatever, we can't tell you what to do with your life plans.

What we can (and will) tell you to do though is buy this playsuit from Penneys because it's absolutely adorable and no matter who you are, no matter where you been, no matter what you did, you will look class in this outfit.

There it is now, looking all sweet and cute.

The blue and white striped playsuit includes a short leg, a bow detail at the front, and some frills on the sleeves.


It's currently on sale for just 14 quid too so you can't really go wrong - unless you accidentally get the wrong size or something but then you can always bring it back, no bother like.


Penneys also have a load of stunning jumpsuits in at the minute too if you feel like keeping your legs covered this week instead.

There's this comfy AF jumpsuit for 18 quid.

This one is also €18 too and is sure to inject some desperately needed colour into your life.


And then there are these €16 jumpsuits.

Both the same, but both in two very different colours.


You'll never be stuck for something to wear again.