The €30 Stradivarius trousers that I cannot stop wearing 3 years ago

The €30 Stradivarius trousers that I cannot stop wearing

They're just so handy.

I'm getting a bit tired of skinny jeans. For years, whenever I was going out and wasn't arsed putting tan on (which was mostly all the time) , I opted for every girls go-to - jeans and a nice top.


I had every type of skinny jean under the sun; blue, black, grey, patchwork, striped, white, ripped.

But this year I just got so bored of them. I didn't feel like I was dressing up anymore because I'd wear the exact same thing all the time. The look got a bit old (on me, work away if a pair of skinnies are your BFF), and so I wanted to try something new.

I'm small enough in height - just over the 5 foot mark - so I was apprehensive of trying a new trouser style. For years I battled to find jeans short enough to fit me, so would I have to go through another war in the Dublin high streets to find trousers that would suit my shape and fit my length?

This year, I grew particularly fond of the military style and cargo pants, probably because they reminded me of Avril Lavigne's Sk8r Boi phase, so I knew that's the style I wanted.


There were many options out there but none of them really suited me - and then I came across these ones in Stradivarius.

Stradivarius has become my new favourite place to shop, and the cargo trousers I found in there certainly didn't disappoint.

They were just the right length, had a high waist (always a bonus), and were the exact shape I was looking for. Priced at €29.99 they didn't break the bank either.


Ever since purchasing them on a particularly busy Saturday afternoon, I have not stopped wearing them. I've worn them on a glam night out, into work, to a concert, to press events and on a trip out to Howth. They have become my new favourite thing in my wardrobe.

The thing I love most is the versatility. I can wear them with a crop top for a night out and be equally as glam as the gal next to me wearing a dress. I can wear them into work with a t-shirt (we have a casual office) and they will smarten up the look.

If you're looking to step away from the skinny jeans and step into yet another Avril Lavigne phase in your life, I'd recommend trying these out. You literally won't take them off you.