The €36 Mango jumpsuit you will deffo be wearing to your next BBQ 3 years ago

The €36 Mango jumpsuit you will deffo be wearing to your next BBQ


It's BBQ season.


Or, at least it was until the clouds showed up and absolutely ruined everybody's lives.

Before that though, we'd been having some banging weather here which means one thing and one thing only - charred outdoor meat, questionable cans, and getting profusely sunburnt every day of every week


It also means having to look class at every waking moment because it's summertime and that's just what's expected these days, evidently.

Luckily though, Mango is selling a jumpsuit that'll sort you out for at least one of those upcoming events.

(And maybe even two, who knows, how willing are you to repeat the same outfit? Probably very, we're not made of money, like.)

This is the jumpsuit.


Unreal, we know.

The mustard polka-dot jumpsuit includes long pants, a button detail, and elasticated waist - perfect for those fateful hours just after you've finished eating your fourth burger of the evening.

It's also got a wide strap which is universally better than a thin strap, as we all are aware.


The jumpsuit is retailing for just €35.99 too so you're getting a fairly good deal for something bound to see you through the summer months.

It is the colour of the season, after all.