The €40 New Look dress you're going to want to snap up before anyone else 9 months ago

The €40 New Look dress you're going to want to snap up before anyone else

Autumn is finally here.

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the idea of staying indoors, curled up with a hot chocolate and the latest Netflix offerings is way too tempting.

It's also time to break out the comfy autumn-winter wardrobes.

And one of the pieces that has caught our eye lately is this super adorable spot-printed midi dress from New Look - which we're going to be searching every store for over the next few days.

At €39.99, it is one of those pieces we can see ourselves reaching for again and again - especially as it can be dressed up, or down, depending on the occasion.

And the dress comes in four different colours: green, purple, black and brown - so there's something that would suit everyone's tastes.

We reckon you could also pair it with a tee, a biker jacket (or a denim one) and a pair of trainers for a comfy (but stylish) weekend look.

Or slip on a pair of heels and wear it for a night out.

Another New Look piece that has caught our eye lately are their latest Friends-inspired t-shirts.

Including one featuring probably one of the most quotable moments from the sitcom.

The first one features Phoebe and Mike in one of the scenes after she changes her name following their wedding - with "Princess Consuela Bananahammock" printed across the photo.

It costs €14.99 and the retailer recommends styling it with "mom jeans and chunky trainers for an on-trend outfit."

The second one features Rachel and Phoebe pinning Ross to the ground after he tries to use 'Unagi' on them.

"It's not something you are, it's something you have," it says underneath the photo.

Much like the first t-shirt, the second one costs €14.99.