This €50 Zara dress is so popular that someone just got married in it 2 years ago

This €50 Zara dress is so popular that someone just got married in it

You know the one.

The white polka dot dress has been the garment of the summer, one that we've worn on public transport and on nights out; one that the media has despaired about and celebrated; one that's earned its own viral Instagram page and one that by now is being worn as a wedding dress.


It became a hit in part because it felt fresh and filled a gap no-one seemed to realise was in the market.

Image 6 of PRINTED DRESS from Zara

Here was a summer dress that didn't require hours of body hair removal and tanning but was still looked like something you'd see in a photo tagged as 'Scandi street style' on Pinterest.

So really, it's no wonder one woman decided to wear it on her wedding day.

According to Huffington Post, Gulnaz Khusneeva, 28, who was pregnant on the day said that she wanted to feel comfortable, which is why she chose to wear the viral sensation.


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She told the publication: “I felt happy! I didn’t need anything else: my husband, my close friends and my perfect wedding dress.”

The dress is still available online so run and grab it while you can. As proven, it's a dress you will be able to wear to literally any occasion.