This €80 Zara jacket is an exact copy of the famous Chanel one 2 years ago

This €80 Zara jacket is an exact copy of the famous Chanel one

It will never go out of style.

If you think of one Chanel piece that has stayed a style staple it's the tweed jacket.


For generations the jacket has been worn by many with a vintage one going for around €2,000. Of course, that price is not in many people's range, so we're constantly looking out for high street versions.

And we just came across a pretty sweet one.

This Zara number comes in at €79.95 and it's a complete dupe of the Chanel jacket.


It's described as a "lapel collar jacket featuring long sleeves with removable cuffs, front flap pockets with buttons, frayed trims, contrast trims and rhinestone button fastening in the front," and the best thing about it is that it's the perfect jacket to wear out over the summer months.

Chanel used the jacket (their one, obvs) in their most recent campaign so it's safe to say that while it has never gone out of style, it's definitely making a resurgence in a big way.


There are also a million images of people styling it all over the Internet so you'll never be without some inspo.

There's loads of sizes left of the jacket on the Zara website so we'd snap one up as soon as possible. You can check it out here.