Expert names the most popular engagement ring trend to date (and it's never going out of style) 1 year ago

Expert names the most popular engagement ring trend to date (and it's never going out of style)

The most popular engagement ring trend to date.

When it comes to engagement rings, some shapes are more popular than others and of course, there are always new trends each year.


It's predicted that gold, three-stone designs have become a lot more popular thanks to Meghan Markle's stunning engagement ring but there's another style that has staying power.

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Rings with round stones are a classic, timeless choice and one expert says that this is the type of ring that has staying power and time and time again, it emerges as the favourite.

Engagement ring expert Steve Simon of Sparkly, a website that allows you to "browse thousands of engagement ring selfies from real life", says the 'round' stone is the most popular by far.


Speaking to Who What Wear, Steve explained that it's a classic cut for engagement rings and searches for this type of ring have upped considerably.

When asked why he thinks this is the most popular style of ring, he said this style results in a certain kind of sparkle that only round stones can achieve.

"Being a perfectly round stone, the optics have the ability to be “ideal,” which gives it a really unique look that only round stones can achieve. Also, cuts such as round brilliant are super sparkly and appealing to the eye".

Although all engagement rings are stunning, we're loving the fact that round stones are so beautifully sparkly.

Steve also explains that there's plenty of options within the "round" category including "round halo" stones, round solitaire settings and pavé bands to add extra sparkle.


Although it's a very individual choice, it's interesting to hear that there's one engagement ring trend that consistently remains a popular choice with newly-engaged couples.

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