We have fallen head over heels for Zara's €60 faux leather waistcoat 8 months ago

We have fallen head over heels for Zara's €60 faux leather waistcoat

We can see this trend becoming major this year.

If you have a look through the fashion mags, the style websites and on Instagram then you'll notice a few trends popping up.

There's polka dots, which have been around for a while but thanks to Zoe Kravitz will probably make a resurgence. There's knee high boots matched with mini-skirts coming from the early 00s, and then, there's waistcoats.

The trend hasn't made it completely mainstream yet but I can see it happening over the next few months and by summer, I bet every high street store will have them in stock.

Hopping in on the trend early is Zara. We've been through the sales and bought all our bargains, so the new collection took our fancy today.

While having a scroll through, we spotted this faux leather waistcoat and totally fell in love.


If you're petite enough, you could totally pull this off as a dress. Wear it with tights for when it's chilly out, however it would be an easy transition to bring it into spring.

It would also be gorgeous with a turtleneck jumper underneath and a pair of jeans for a more casual look.

The waistcoat is described on the website as: "Waistcoat with a lapel collar. Featuring front flap pockets, double-breasted button fastening and a belt in the same fabric."

It comes in at €59.95 and there are loads of sizes available. You can check it out here.