Five tips for finding swimwear that works for you 4 years ago

Five tips for finding swimwear that works for you

Swimwear is daunting.

There, I said it.


Some women may agree with me, others may not but either way, I know the feeling I get when it’s time to face bikini season after a winter of warm knits and leather everything.

With that in mind, you’ll understand why I jumped at the chance to speak to Rosyln Ellis, lingerie and swimwear buyer at Brown Thomas.

The iconic department store recently opened The Lingerie Rooms, a luxury space devoted to finding the perfect swimwear and lingerie for customers.

Think fresh flowers, plush teal furnishings, lighted mirrors and expert fitting stylists who are there to take the stress away from the yearly bikini hunt.

After chatting with Ros, I came away with rather different views on swimwear shopping.

It’s all about finding a piece that works for you, whether that be a plunging one-piece that hugs your curves or a ruched halterneck bikini that offers extra support.

Here are five tips that I'll be using next time I'm attempting to swimwear shop.


Never bring one item into the dressing room

Stripping off and trying on a bikini can be disheartening when the shape you’ve chosen isn’t comfortable.

It’s easy to immediately reject the whole idea and get out of the shop as quick as you can.

Roslyn recommends going in with multiple items because you’re “in the zone” then and you can see what works.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 00.41.34
Kenzo's print of the season, €175

For example, you might have it in your head that boy short styles give more coverage but when you try them on, you realise that a higher cut on the thigh can elongate the leg.


This is why trying different shapes is essential.

There is no one shape for one person

It’s impossible to say that this shape is best for this person because it all depends on the individual and how they feel in the piece.

It’s all about finding something that works with your body and making sure you’re wearing the right size is key.


Sometimes we have it in our heads that only one shape, be it triangle/halterneck/bandeau suits us but that’s often because we haven’t tried the others.

Look out for adjustable detail

If you have a full bust, you can adjust your bikini with sliders to give you more or less coverage. The same goes for thigh sliders.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 00.42.27
JETS Sublime Bikini Top, €140

‘Fold down’ bikinis are great too as you can roll your bikini briefs up for extra coverage when you’re walking around and then fold down when you want to tan.


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 00.42.18
Fold down detail - JETS Sublime Bikini Bottoms, €90

Some swimsuits have gorgeous strap detail across the back for a high fashion look but again, you can remove it for tanning purposes.

Make use of expert help

The fitting experts know every shape and every brand inside out which means they can advise you on what swimwear will work for you.

Customers are encouraged to email/call before coming in for an appointment so the stylists know exactly what they want and hopefully, this way the stress is taken out of shopping.

Roslyn advises making use of the help at hand, because “that’s what they’re there for”.

A timeless buy will last you years

It’s easy to question why you should splurge on swimwear when you could pick up a number of items for the same price on the high street.

When I asked Roslyn this, she explained that she bought a Moschino bikini six years ago and even now on the first day of her holiday, it’s her go-to bikini because she always feels good in it.

As the swimwear and lingerie buyer says” when you try on a good quality swimsuit or bikini, you see the difference. You see how your body looks and how the material fits, how it sits.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 00.41.47
Glam squad - SuMarie swimsuit, €390

The fabric is lined so there are no embarrassing moments getting out of the pool and the structure and support moulds to your figure.

It might be expensive but you’ll have it for years and you won’t find yourself throwing out bikinis that have lost their shape after one summer.