Five Zara buys to brighten up your stay at home summer wardrobe 1 year ago

Five Zara buys to brighten up your stay at home summer wardrobe

Give us ALL the pattern!

It might not feel like it right now, but there will come a time when you'll emerge from your home, step blinking into the light and - here's the kicker - stay outside for as long as your heart desires.


That's right; you will no longer execute strategically-planned excursions into the great outdoors which for most of us right now (and rightfully so) consist of little more than fleeting trips to the shop for essentials.

No, you'll have free rein to roam the highways and byways of your city, meet your friends and family, and wear more than a mismatched assortment of joggers, hoodies and PJs.

Naturally when that time actually comes, we'll all want to look like the best versions of ourselves and that's where Zara will come in.

But listen, as we all know at this stage, the lockdown doesn't have to be lifted in order to indulge in a little shopping. We mean, you still have your home, garden, driveway or balcony to flaunt the spoils of your sartorial sprees, so have at it. Go wild.

Christ knows we all need a pick-me-up right now and if yours comes in the form of an online free-for-all on the highstreet, far be it from us to stop you.

As Zara themselves say, 'they may be closed, but they're still here for you.' What more do we need to hear? Nothing, that's what.


Below are five of the newest pieces to land in Zara's online store. From a print jumpsuit that will look equally good with trainers and heels, to a crop for the days you just want to feel cute, these buys will be perfect for wearing both during and after lockdown.

Ok, so you might not think you'd have have as much use for the yellow and black blazer right at this moment, but trust us it will look effortlessly good over jeans and a plain white tee for a #workingfromhome vibe and then amazing paired with the matching Beruda shorts (€29.95) as soon as we're able to go 'out out' again.

Printed Jumpsuit €49.95

Crop Top with Organza €19.95


Belted Rustic Skirt €49.95

Jacquard Dress with Ruffles €39.95


Jacquard Blazer €59.95