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This is not a drill.

We recently brought you the news that Penneys was bringing out a bridal range, as well as a sneak peek at some of the bridal wear.

Well today's the day - the full collection goes on sale from this morning and it turns out it's a lot more than just underwear and robes.



There are some great bargains here, from the Mrs and Mrs towel set (€8) to the Wifey and Hubs mugs (€4). Sure, even if you weren't getting married you might snap up something nice - the pearl hangers (€5) and the floral garlands (€2) are dotey.

Pennies also has some cool props for the reception - this set is just €4.




Anyone who's planning their big day or is even on bridesmaid duties will know how cheeky some stores and online sites can be with their prices for items like these, so we're predicting the bridal collection will sell out fast.

Do you have trouble being an adult?

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