We are absolutely loving these funky €40 bejewelled sandals from Zara 2 years ago

We are absolutely loving these funky €40 bejewelled sandals from Zara

How cool are these babies?

Summer is officially here lads, and we're so bloody excited.


The weather is warmer today than it has been in a while, and we're absolutely here for it.

Sure, we've had some showers, but really, we'd be worried if we didn't.

Anyway, the lovely week made us realise that now is the time to be sorting out the aul summer wardrobe.

You know yourself, the dresses, the denim shorts and all those cute tops that we can't wear for literally 9 months of the year.

The most important item in every summer wardrobe? The shoes.

Shoes are literally the key to every outfit in our opinion, and we just found the perfect summer pair.

Perfect for summer, but a little bit different (the best kind of sandal!)


Sandals that will go with absolutely everything, and that offer genuine comfort at the same time.

And a hint of bling. Obviously.


While scrolling through the wonderful Internet today, we couldn't help but notice these babies on the Zara website.

Say hello to the flat bejewelled sandals, the most glorious pair of summer sandals we've ever seen.


They're black, flat sandals with a hook-and-loop strap on the front.

There's also a very jazzy strap on the side with diamanté detailing. YAS.

Oh, and not forgetting the gorge quilted strap behind the ankle, and the extra light chunky sole.

They're so damn groovy.


And ladies, can we talk about the price for just one minute.

These lovely sandals are actually currently €39.95, which is actually a pretty unreal price, when you consider how much you'll wear them.

And even better? There is an amazing range of sizes available, from a size 2 to a size 9 - delighted to see that from a brand like Zara.

We suggest you act fast though, these babies are selling like hot cakes.