Gingham girls: 5 easy ways to rock summer's biggest trend 1 year ago

Gingham girls: 5 easy ways to rock summer's biggest trend

Walk into any high street store at the minute and it’s clear to see what's trending: it gets no bigger than gingham right now.

Yes, every rail we see is dripping with the pretty picnic print, however, this quirky trend isn’t for everyone.

And we learned that very quickly yesterday when we shared Penneys' latest gingham offering... it seems some of our readers are having absolutely none of it.

So while a midi-length gingham dress may too closely resemble a school uniform for many of you, there are easier ways of incorporating this huge trend into your wardrobe without feeling like you belong in Miss Fletcher’s classroom in Summer Bay High.

1. Killer heels

These New Look beauties are sure to have you bang on trend - without feeling like a character from Little House on the Prairie.

2. Two-in-one


Is layering ever not a trend? And this fresh take on the look from Boohoo will have you ticking all the style boxes.

3. Hats off

Everyone and their mother seems to be wearing baseball hats these days - thanks Kylie - so why not add a little interest with this Gingham number from River Island.

4. Get shirty

We're not going to lie, this cute Topshop shirt is already in our basket waiting to be purchased on payday.

5. The ‘it’ jacket

This fresh take on the Zara 'it' jacket is our must have spring coat this year.

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