Gucci is selling already dirty runners for €719... and yes, they include diamonds 2 years ago

Gucci is selling already dirty runners for €719... and yes, they include diamonds

This is an urgent public appeal.

Some of us were lucky enough to be born into lower class families. We ate potatoes most nights, we had frozen food multiple times a week, we had no choice but to wear hand me downs and don trainers long after they had become scuffed and dirty.


Unfortunately, some people were not born into such a life. Some people were born into affluence and as such never knew the joy of wearing clothes that your older brothers and sisters couldn’t fit into any more.

People born into lower class families cannot and should not even begin to imagine what such a life was like, because that would be unfair to those that actually lived it.


Theirs is a lot in life that, sadly, could not be changed. That was, until now.

That's because the good people at Gucci have created a pair of trainers that come equipped with scuffs and stains so that those too wealthy to ever experience being poor can finally get a taste of what it was like.

The trainers will set you back €719, yet another painful reminder of the lengths that wealthy people are forced to go to feel poor, but if you are wealthy and don't feel comfortable enough yet to dive head first into the world of poverty LARPing, you can pay over €1,000 for a pair that come with diamonds, or pay about €900 for a pair with crystal cherries on them.

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Unfortunately, these trainers do not go the whole way. They do not reduce the wearer’s income and savings, giving them only a smidgen of a sense of what being poor is actually like.

But who knows, maybe wear them while eating beans every day, or while queuing at a food bank for the lols, to get the full immersive experience.