Gucci is selling a pair of Paul Mescal-esque GAA shorts for 550 quid 8 months ago

Gucci is selling a pair of Paul Mescal-esque GAA shorts for 550 quid

Course they are, yeah.

Paul Mescal is a style icon now.


This is not something we can debate, it is fact. It has happened, and now we must simply deal with the consequences of it.

Lads are wearing chains now. Ballyhaunis is cool. GAA shorts are apparently a symbol of status, fashion, and of course, sex.

So much so that Gucci are now selling a pair of similar enough shorts for 550 quid. No, really. They are. This is not a drill.

Sporting a clear Mayo style here, the garment is a waterproof nylon swim short. Perfect for swimming. Perfect for standing. Perfect for popping down to the shops in London for a tin of gin and a bag of prawn cocktail. 

"These swim shorts are completed by an elastic waistband with drawstring," reads the product description.

"The green and red Web ribbon runs down the sides and gives them an athletic feel with the Gucci jacquard label.


O'Neills could never.

Well, they could. A fairly basic shorts set-up Gucci have got here, in fairness.

But Gucci aren't the only ones wet for the GAA shorts. The guys over at GQ have also recently hailed Mescal a style icon for wearing them.

"Wearing a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths and a retro track jacket by Ragyard, it was his thigh-high, super-skimpy shorts that got tongues wagging," wrote Zak Maoui last month. 

"Offering a whiff of Alan Partridge in his 1982 vintage shorts (you know the ones), Mescal’s own O’Neills Maynooth GAA shorts allowed the actor to show off his brawny pins (and give them a good top up of vitamin D in the process)."



This newfound glorification of the GAA comes as Mescal raised a staggering €70,000 for Pieta House by raffling off one of his iconic chains. 

The silver neck piece raised the incredible amount of money over the past month, as thousands of people threw their name into the hat for a chance at winning the chain.

Anything for charity, right?