This gym range promises to keep you leak-free during your period 2 months ago

This gym range promises to keep you leak-free during your period

Tampon ads are so weird.

Whenever you see 'feminine hygiene' products advertised on telly, they always make out as if once you have those, you can do gymnastics in white trousers and feel totally comfortable – not the case.

No matter what type of protection you’re wearing, most of us still feel conscious about leaks.

Yep, leaks is one of the worst words to ever be uttered and that’s because so many of us fear them when mother nature visits once a month.

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Well, thankfully there are now brands that cater particular for women at that time.

Dear Kate is a US sportswear range that makes fitness apparel a little more durable.


Yes, the brand make everything from regular underwear to leggings, and using super soft microfibre layers and some pretty cool technology, they can protect you from those dreaded leaks.

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The pieces are said to be ultra-light and soft to the touch, so you’ll be blissfully unaware that you have some pretty heavy duty stuff on.

With a curve range on the way, this brand is all about making sure women feel comfortable in the gym no matter what time of the month it is.

With prices starting at just €24, we'll be interested in giving these a try.

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