Hair SOS: 3 seriously decent hair products saving my lockdown locks 2 years ago

Hair SOS: 3 seriously decent hair products saving my lockdown locks

Hair, hair, so much hair.

Today, I actually found myself having to fashion some sort of topknot in my little boy's hair as we were heading out to the beach for a dip - simply to keep his fringe out of his eyes.


Needless to say, he desperately needs a haircut.

In fact, we all do.

My hair has now for the past 10 weeks been more or less tied into a messy bun around the clock – to the extent that my daughter remarked the other day that she can't remember what I look like when my hair is down. And to be fair, at this stage, neither do I. All I know is that my ends sorely need a trim.

However, I have been making an effort to keep my locks in good condition – knowing, probably, that it will be weeks and weeks before I will see the inside of an actual hairdressers again, so the least I could do, was make sure my hair was kept healthy.


My must-have lockdown hair products? These three:

1. Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

Oils are really having a moment, and if you are still just using one on your skin, now is the time to also get your hands on oil for your hair.

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil has been formulated with an effective and nutritive blend of five nourishing and rejuvenating oils, is 80 percent organic ayurvedic ingredients that were grown biodynamically. In other words, it is a superb combination of the very best oils to ensure your hair is left beautifully conditioned, healthier and stronger.


I have been using it as a very luxurious overnight treatment, massaging it into my scalp and hair at night, allowing it to go deep down and nourish my hair from the roots. I then just wash the next morning and my hair feels softer and much more conditioned than before.




2. Phyto Joba Moisturising Mask

A cult product, this rich textures mask untangles and intensely hydrates dry hair, without weighing it down, which works well for my fine-ish, Nordic hair type. Enriched with Jojoba oil, Phyto's Joba mask restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the hair fibre, thus protecting from dehydration.

I have been using this once a week, usually as part of my Sunday night self-care ritual, and I swear, my hair is not only easier to comb out and looks shinier, it also feels fuller, as if this gorgeous mask has made my hair grow thicker too.



3. Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

The perfect everyday shampoo for the summer months, especially now that the weather is so hot I am forever going for dips in the sea or laying out in the sun in my local park.

The Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo has helped restore and strengthen my hair, making it easier to both dry and comb out, and another benefit, it feels less static-y too.

I love how the shampoo has no sulphates, meaning it is healthy for my hair and won't dry it out, even now during the summer, when I am washing my hair more often.