The Harry Potter x Vans collection is on sale NOW and it's, eh, magical 1 year ago

The Harry Potter x Vans collection is on sale NOW and it's, eh, magical

One can never have enough socks... or runners.

A few months back, word that a Harry Potter x Vans collection was coming dropped onto our collective radars. 

It was imminent, it was exciting, it was coming soon and we wanted it all despite not having seen a single piece from the range.

It's Harry Potter. It's Vans. It's playing right into our incessant need to return to our pre-teen years where you weren't worth a damn if you weren't wearing a blue and black checkered hoodie 80 percent of the time.

It's baiting us. But it's working.

The first images of the collection dropped this week and with them came the knowledge that the limited edition products are on sale right now.

Grab your wages lads, you're going to be needing them.

A lot of the collection is styled after each of the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

It makes sense then that much of the range is either blue, red, green, or yellow, with a few black items thrown in there for good measure.

There's also a pair of kids' Hi Tops with Hogwarts on the side, some shoes with the golden snitch on them, and a load of socks.

They're, er, magical.

Prices range from about €20 for socks and €105 (!!!) for some Hi Tops with the rest of the collection falling somewhere in between.

Some of the shoes aren't too pricy, coming in at regular enough Vans prices but if you were planning on picking up more than one piece from the collection, be prepared to part with a cool amount of cash.

Worth it though, right?


(The above costs €20, just letting you know.)

You can check out the full collection here.