Here's how to absolutely boss a pair of bicycle shorts like a pro 1 year ago

Here's how to absolutely boss a pair of bicycle shorts like a pro

Camel toe is a real thing and that's just something you may have to deal with!

Bicycle shorts can provoke fear in the most confident of women. They sound like they shouldn't be worn as part of your everyday look but influencers have been showing us lately that these tight shorts are more than just appropriate for a quick spin on the bike and they can, in fact, look good with everything.


Let me just say, these shorts aren't messing around... they are TIGHT! That's the idea though but just be warned they can stick in certain 'places' and not always the places you want them to stick (if you get what I'm saying).

I'm all for wearing whatever you want that makes you happy but if you don't like people on the street knowing all your angles then maybe step away from the shorts.

True story, when I wore a pair once I didn't notice that they had moved right up my leg and when another woman across the street from me walked by she fixed her leggings around the camel toe area. I'm not saying for definite that she saw mine and fixed hers... I'm just saying she probably did!

Camel toe is a thing and that's your choice if you want to show it off. So just make sure you pick the right pair that works for your body!

My top tips would be as follows:

Black seem to be the safest bet if you're venturing into the cycling shorts market for the first time. I have seen some influencers rock a pair of grey shorts but if you are an every day regular person like me, I would go with the black first, then experiment!

Another great tip is a trusty BIG OLD JUMPER, it's pretty key to this look, see the below example. Think Princess Di running from the paps to her car:



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Next thing to do is fall into a pit of hashtags on Instagram and be inspired by Hailey Bieber pretending to be Princess Di, as per the below:


However you want to try out this look off remember at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you 'pull this off or not', be comfortable, be you, be happy!