Kate Middleton's latest outfit is a big change for her 4 years ago

Kate Middleton's latest outfit is a big change for her

Oh Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge gets a lot of slack for her 'predictable' outfit choices, which often involve mid-length dresses and wedge shoes.


Considering she has a huge number of public engagements to attend, it's no surprise that Kate might have to opt for the same look from time to time.

The mother of two has been criticised for her conservative style with some saying she dresses as if she was much older.

Although she has been photographed in neutral slacks a couple of times, this week she donned a pair of patterned trousers which is quite the change.

Kate and William are touring picturesque Cornwall this week and today involved a trip to the Isles of Scilly.

Poor weather conditions have hampered their trip and today's plans had been delayed but they made it in the end.


Thirty-four-year-old Kate paired her printed pants with a navy blazer, white tee and unsurprisingly, her beloved wedges.

Apparently, the trousers are from Gap, currently on sale.

As we've seen previously, outfits worn by Kate tend to sell out immediately so if you like the look of them, get shopping now.