Kendall Jenner's waist-high boots are incredible (if impractical) 3 years ago

Kendall Jenner's waist-high boots are incredible (if impractical)

Even if you're lucky enough to be born with legs that go on forever, they have to stop somewhere.

That was our first thought on seeing Kendall Jenner's latest Instagram post, in which she poses in an eye-popping pair of orange satin boots that reach right to her hips.


The selfie, captioned 'playing dress up' shows the supermodel playing around with some majorly unfunctional tangerine-toned fashion while topless and wearing a fedora, natch.

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The stiletto boots, worth more than €4k, are a Vetements X Manolo Blahnik creation, designed to fold down at the upper thigh.

In fairness poor Kendall was probably just trying to blow off some steam after she found herself in hot water again this weekend for being one of the influencers drafted in to promote the eye-wateringly disastrous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas.

Jenner was due to be one of the hosts at the event, which saw hundreds of revellers left stranded in a tent city without food, security or accommodation.