The 'secret' Zara label signs that'll apparently help you get the right size every time 2 years ago

The 'secret' Zara label signs that'll apparently help you get the right size every time

Only for TikTok...

As a woman and committed shopper, I am more than familiar with the fact that high street sizes can be famously fickle to get right.


While I am a size 12 or M in most stores, I sometimes find myself being a 14 or 'large' in another, or, in some cases, only a 'small' or even a size 10 in others.

This, of course, is making shopping unnecessary harder – especially these days, when most fittings rooms are still closed as part of clothing stores' ongoing Covid restrictions.

However, this might not have to be the case in Zara anymore.

A TikTok user recently took to the popular video-sharing app to reveal how Zara has a secret sizing symbol system in place on their tags – letting you know if the clothes you are buying are smaller in size or run larger – or, indeed, are true to size.


The video in question, shared by the account @officially_outfits, takes a closer look at the labels on the Spanish retailer's clothes, suggesting there's a secret code on each tag that will help decipher the sizing.

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"Unsure which size to get at Zara?" she asks.


"The little box around the tag hole means true to size, get your normal [sic] size. The triangle around the tag hole means it comes up small so size up".

How genius!

And needless to say, it inspired thousands of other TikTok users to take a look at their own Zara clothing to make sure this symbol situation was actually real.

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Taking to Twitter, user @Chaud_TheMag writes:

"I tested the Zara size hack so sharing with visuals: Triangle = runs smaller so always go a size up. I always go up for short dresses/shorts/ Circle = runs bigger. I always buy my Zara size (M) when it’s their tops, and yes this slightly bigger/ Square = True to size."

Did you ever know of this hack before now? We must admit we did not – but feel inspired now to raid our wardrobes for all our Zara clothes, just to take a look.

The TikTok user who shared the original post about the sizing codes back in May recently took to her Instagram to share the hack too.

Captioning the post, @official_outfits writes:

"Each different shape stands for which collection the piece is from whether that be TRF or the main collection. Each collection fits differently which is where this theory comes from."