Kylie Jenner's designer has been accused of copying Rihanna's outfit 5 years ago

Kylie Jenner's designer has been accused of copying Rihanna's outfit

The drama of it all.

Kylie Jenner stepped out in an unusual white flapper-girl jumpsuit recently which proved popular among her fans.


However, people quickly started to notice that the jumpsuit Kylie wore looked quite like one Rihanna wore to the MTV VMAs in 2016.

Obviously stars often end up with similar looks which might cause a little drama but it's really no big deal.

This, on the other hand, is slightly more complicated.

New York's L'Impasse Boutique claims that they custom-designed the olive-green suit for Rihanna long before Kylie sported her look.


Kylie's very similar jumpsuit was made by The Dolls House in the U.K.

Now, L'Impasse Boutique is threatening to sue Dolls House for stealing the jumpsuit design.

''It has come to our attention that The Dolls House Fashion Ltd has unlawfully a L'impasse dress word by Rihanna by posting a photograph on Instagram claiming the design to be their own,'' A statement shared by L'Impasse said.

They are calling for The Doll House to cease and desist from exploiting any clothing designs from L'Impasse and remove all images of the design.


While the L'Impasse boutique is accusing The Doll House of stealing their design, it is important to point out that the white Kylie version of the design appeared on Instagram in February of last year. This was long before it Rihanna's version appeared on social media.

So who knows who copied who or if the designs just happen to be similar.


Neither Rihanna nor Kylie have commented on the debate.