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Some lad wore a male playsuit in RL and the response was as good as it gets
Fair play to him.

We raised eyebrows when we heard that trendy male rompers were making their debut.

But upon consideration we reckon there are a few lads out there who would look pretty good in a RompHim (as opposed to a Romper... get it?)

Now one stylish gentleman has kindly helped us out - trialling the look in RL so we can better weight up the item's fashion pros and cons.

Yup, thank you YouTube star QPark - who obligingly strutted through the streets of New York City proudly clad in a male romper.

QPark - a YouTube star - and his male romper

"I was expecting a lot of negativity, but was really pleasantly surprised by the reception," the 37-year-old told the New York Post of wearing the on-trend one-piece for ten hours straight.

He furthermore documented his experiences with a six-and-a-half minute long video that we reckon is well worth a watch.

And suffice to say that we continue to closely observe the style evolution of the male romper trend...


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