Lady Gabriella Windsor's second wedding dress was breathtakingly beautiful 3 months ago

Lady Gabriella Windsor's second wedding dress was breathtakingly beautiful

Lady Gabriella Windsor had a second wedding dress and it was even more gorgeous than the first.

Lady Gabriella married Thomas Kingston on Saturday at St George's Chapel, almost a year to the day that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said their vows in the same place.

Gabriella's stunning dress was a bespoke design by Luisa Becarria but as is relatively common in recent times, she changed for the evening celebrations.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both chose to do this, opting for simpler designs for the evening receptions.

The second look was also floor-length, featuring heaps of tulle and mother-of-pearl embroidery and you can check it out in detail below.

Gabriella is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, one of Queen Elizabeth‘s first cousins and Prince Harry was among the guests in attendance on Saturday.

Meghan, having recently given birth, stayed home with baby Archie, Kate Middleton has been very preparing the garden she co-designed for the Chelsea Flower Show, Prince William had an official royal engagement in the guise of the FA cup while Princess Eugenie is thought to have been on holiday.

According to reports, Lady Gabriella had four wedding dresses in total, all designed by Becarria although we have yet to see glimpses of three and four.