This €20 Lidl mac raincoat looks EXACTLY like Chanel's €1,000 one 5 years ago

This €20 Lidl mac raincoat looks EXACTLY like Chanel's €1,000 one

The plastic mac is back.

We wore them as kids, and some of us even had them as teenagers, and now, as seen on the runways, plastic rain macs have come back into fashion.


At Chanel's SS18 fashion show last year, the mac featured heavily on the runway, covering embellished dresses and tweed coats alike.

However, we could never afford to shell out €1,000 for a raincoat, so we swiftly gave up on the idea of getting one.


But now, as part of Heidi Klum's latest collection with Lidl, the mac is back and only costs €19.99.

With April Showers fast approaching, the Lidl Esmara by Heidi Klum mac is the perfect stylish, hooded solution. The raincoat will keep you dry on those (never-ending) rainy days.

The translucent and silver trimmed plastic mac creates the perfect sparkly look to spruce up the duller days and for those looking for a pop of colour, the darker translucent mac with a contrasting hot pink trim will add just the right amount of colour to any outfit.


The mac will land in stores on March 5 and will come in sizes 8-18.